Baker Technology Group (“Group”, “us”, “we”) is committed to protecting your Personal Data. We aim to treat your Personal Data with the highest level of confidentiality and care.

This Personal Data Protection Policy (“Policy”) applies to all departments, business units and subsidiaries within the Baker Technology Group and sets out the principles and procedures that Baker Technology Group has in place to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA).

What Personal Data do we collect?

We only collect Personal Data that is relevant to our business and/or employment relationship with you. Business or employment relationships would include you as a shareholder, director, employee, contractor, supplier, client of the Group

Personal Data refers to any information about you from which you can be identified for example your name, age, address, NRIC No., medical details, employment history, bank details and other similar information.

How do we collect Personal Data?

We collect Personal Data in various ways:

  • Directly from you e.g. in person, on the phone, through forms you fill in, job applications & CVs, emails, Group websites
  • From third parties authorized by you e.g. your family members, government agencies, employment agencies, shareholder records
  • From publicly available sources e.g. directory, websites, market research organizations
  • Appointment of proxies in relation to General Meetings
  • Attendance at General Meetings

Consent for collection of data will be obtained as and when required in accordance with the PDPA. Consent is deemed to have been provided by you for a specific purpose if you voluntarily provide Personal Data to the Company for that purpose.

When you provide us with any Personal Data in relation to a third party (e.g. family members, proxies), by submitting such information to us, you warrant that you have obtained the consent of such third party for the provision of their Personal Data to us and agree to indemnify the Company in respect of any penalties, liabilities, claims, demands, losses or damages as a result of your breach of warranty.

You should ensure that the Personal Data provided to the Group is complete, accurate and true.

How do we use the Personal Data?

Depending on the Personal Data collected, we may use the Personal Data for different purposes. However the Personal Data would mainly be used to address the business or employment relationship the Group has with you, for example:

    • Managing employment relationship (including working with government agencies for work pass applications, CPF payments, setting up and renewing employee benefits (including kin) with insurers and brokers)
    • Processing your job application
    • Facilitating dissemination of shareholder communication
    • Processing and administration (including attendance lists, minutes,

recordings) of proxies and shareholders for the General Meetings

  • Facilitating the provision of services or goods to or from you
  • Handling third party feedback, queries or complaints


We may also be required to use the Personal Data to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations, financial, risk management and record keeping requirements and as allowed under the PDPA

If it is necessary to use your personal data for any other purposes, we will notify you and obtain your consent beforehand. You will have the opportunity to withhold or withdraw your consent for these purposes.

We will not sell your Personal Data to any third parties nor will we provide your Personal Data to third parties outside the Group other than for the purposes set out above or related purposes.

Your Personal Data will be disclosed to personnel within the Group on a need to know basis as well as to third parties as required to address your business or employment relationship with the Group or to comply with legal and regulatory obligations. Such third parties include:

  • Goods and services vendors required to deliver goods or render a service to you
  • Prospective party of a business asset transaction
  • Professional advisers (e.g. accountants, lawyers, auditors, bankers, insurers, share registrars)
  • Legal, regulatory, tax, governmental authorities

How long do we retain your Personal Data?

We shall retain your Personal Data for as long as required for business or legal purposes.
How do we protect your Personal Data?
We store your Personal Data in a combination of digital and paper based files and have made reasonable security arrangements to protect the Personal Data.

How do you access and correct your Personal Data?

You may request for details of your Personal Data that the Group has in its possession as well as the ways in which we have (if at all) used your Personal Data within a year of the date of the request. Please contact us using the contact details below.
You may also request the Group to amend your Personal Data in our possession as well as withdraw consent for use of your Personal Data
The Group will provide, amend or delete the records of your Personal Data if permitted by law and the PDPA. A fee may be charged for responding to your request.
However should you not consent to the use of your Personal Data or withdraw consent, we may not be able to proceed with your application, request or continue the business or employment relationship we have with you.

How to contact us?

To contact us in relation to this policy or your Personal Data, please email or write to the Personal Data Protection Office (PDPO) at:
Personal Data Protection Officer 10 Jalan Samulun
Singapore 629124